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Photo chat latino

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Ladish Photo illustration of the Snapchat app on an iPhone. Who can see that story is up to you. You can set your story settings to public, friends only or private, your choice. Your story will only stay up for 24 puoto, or less, if you choose to delete it. The point of this is to make it more like real life, where interactions are transient.

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Ladish Photo illustration of the Snapchat app on an iPhone. Who can pyoto that story is up to you. You can set your story settings to public, friends only or private, your choice.

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Your story will only stay up for 24 hours, or less, if you choose to delete it. The point of this is to make it more like real life, where interactions are transient.

And because of the transient nature of photp platform, those using it to share their own stories, tutorials, news chay other bits and pieces of life are more natural and spontaneous than they might be on apps that archive the content like Instagram and Vine. You can also download it to your smartphone at the end of each day and keep it for posterity or post it on Instagram, Youtube or even Facebook.

Only want to keep one or two photos? If you want to be discovered by other users, you can create a profile on Ghostcodes too. Through the Discover feature, you can also follow news and other online publications. And finally, you may contribute snaps to public stories related to a city or an event, which is also a fun way to be discovered by other users. We interviewed six Latinos who are regularly on Snapchat to help you make the decision of whether to jump on this trendy social media app or not.

These Snappers are of all ages, genders and occupations. Their common thread is that they all Snap in English and offer some sort of learning experience for their followers.

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Naturally there are many many more Snappers that are worth following too! I feel like it's the most personal social media platform, it's like everyone's own little reality show. I also create more stories now.

I use it to connect with others, to teach, to entertain and to inspire! I also follow others to learn new things, see new perspectives, and get inspired! Snapchat captures life as it happens!

Still looking for my partner an entrepreneur and author, I feel it shows people all my projects behind-the-scenes before they are unleashed on my blog or on store shelves! Some of her favorite snappers: Eddie G! StrongVida Snapchat handle: StrongVida Dariana got started on Snapchat because her sister and business partner darielacruz on Snapchat insisted.

She started sharing bits of her day but as she realized that she preferred to watch Snapchat stories where people were teaching, inspiring or motivating others, she followed suit. Dariana shares her journey of self-improvement, productivity and also how she makes her art. From her creative process to managing a business, and how she le a healthy lifestyle. She also posts inspiring quotes and styling tips pertaining to Instagram.

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Our culture is naturally attracted to what's raw, real, warm, casual and intimate. In my eyes Snapchat and Latinos are a perfect match. Through her healthy meals for kids business and her blogLaura has build an online community of over 85, members. She wanted to give them the opportunity to interact with her on phooto daily basis, offer them a behind the scenes look her life as it happens, and build stronger relationships.

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She began by using just the photo function to share glimpses of things she liked or was doing. She involves her followers in everything she is doing, from being a mom to her daily life as an entrepreneur. Those following her on Snapchat will learn life hacks, kitchen hacks, cooking tips and recipes, and most importantly, honest insight to what is like to juggle dhat all. It's authentic. And ltaino need more Latinos sharing real stories of the things that inspire us, what's important, and our heritage.

South africa, years, years, adult, adults only

How does that add value? How will that make me get to know you better? Photp follow someone because I want to know more about them, I find them interesting, and they will add something to my world. He started on the platform in when his younger cousins told him about it. These stories had, and still have, a life of only 24 hours.

For Eddie, this was life-changing. As a Youtuber used to shooting and editing video that stays online for as long as he likes, Eddie had to think of a different strategy for Snapchat. I primarily use photos to tell a story, with a layer of imagination added on top. Eddie also monetizes his Snapchat. Latinos over-index on everything as it relates to media consumption.

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naked ladies in bradenton florida We are on social media the most, we share the photp, we engage the most. That needs to change, FAST! But he also mentioned CraftyChica and Photk as favorites. ShaunAyala Snapchat handle: ShaunAyala Shaun, winner of a Tecla award for best Snapchat storyteller at Hispanicize event in March offirst downloaded the Snapchat app in late when he heard Gary Vaynerchuk GaryVeea business entrepreneur and social media expert, discuss Snapchat and how important it would become.

It was confusing, and hard to understand. It wasn't latin normal social media platform. I opened up the app and found that I could indeed draw on images and also on video! This was very exciting for me. Since then, I've gone all in on Snapchat and have made it my primary social media platform.

I lost that as I got older and switched gears to Marketing and Graphic De, but with Snapchat I can make a latimo bit of that dream come true. Snapchat takes me out of the mundane day to day activities. I really enjoy it. She really didn't become active on the platform until about a year ago when her friend Jose Resendez JoseResendez on Snapchat showed her how it could be a tool for more public updates, and challenged her use it to promote her Laitno entertainment platform, LasGringasBlog and interact with her readers.

She started out using it more like a private messaging app.

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Like most of the other Snappers, she initially shared bits of her life, and then took the leap to promoting her Snapchat profile on her other social media platforms. I now tell stories looking directly into the camera. It's funny how people take time to warm up to Snapchat and build up the confidence to flip that ;hoto around to selfie mode! Amanda loves everything Latino and what you will gain from following her on Snapchat is quite unique.

I try to be an open book, so a lot of the time the learning happens because people will ask me specific questions that I try to answer as openly and honestly as possible. Lorraine C. Ladish Lorraine C. She lives in Sarasota, FL with her quirky blended family.