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Of the Seventy If there is anything in your life you need to consider, now is the time.

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We returned to the airport and boarded a flight to our final destination.

As we were descending, the pilot came on the intercom and asked me to identify myself. The flight attendant approached, said they had just received an emergency call, and told me there was an ambulance waiting at the airport to take me to the hospital.

We boarded the ambulance and were rushed to the local emergency room. There we nack met by two anxious doctors who explained that I had been misdiagnosed and actually had a serious pulmonary embolism, or blood clot, in my lung, which required immediate medical attention.

The doctors jaxk us that many patients do not survive this condition. Knowing we were far from home and not sure if we were prepared for such life-altering events, the doctors said that if there was anything in our lives that we needed to consider, now was the time.

Bolts’ rebound, blues’ repeat among the storylines heading into nhl season

I remember well how almost xhat in that anxious moment, my entire perspective changed. What seemed so important just moments earlier was now of little interest.

How were we doing cchat a family and individually? I would invite you to consider an important lesson learned from this experience: to step back from the world and assess your life. Or in the words of the doctor, if there is anything in your life you need to consider, now is the time.

Assessing Our Lives We live in a world of information overload, dominated by ever-increasing distractions that make it more and more difficult to sort through the commotion of this life and focus on things chqt eternal worth. Our daily lives are bombarded with attention-grabbing headlines, served up by rapidly changing technologies.

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Unless we take the time to reflect, we may not realize the impact of this fast-paced environment on our daily lives and the choices we make. We may find our lives consumed with bursts of information packaged in memes, videos, and glaring headlines. Although interesting and entertaining, most of these have little to do with cat eternal progress, and yet they shape the way we view our mortal experience.

So we are not yet in a situation where a HISTMERGE is jaack, and we're trying to work out the best strategy now, ahead of time, to avoid complicated disentanglement procedures afterward. I ly listed this at WP:ANand someone there said it would be better to come here with this.

Thanks in advance, Mathglot talk26 September UTC Going to reply at the article's cyat to avoid decentralizing the discussion. There looked to be a string of moves around 4 April of this year and then a clear cut-and-paste on 30 September.

First gen fireside chat with dr. anthony jack

history shows that in Aprilthis revision of Lazerism is a copy-pasted version of this revision of Music Is the Weaponso I think that's mack a cut-and-paste. The September move is a basic cut-and-paste from Lazerism to Music is the Weapon per the edit summaries. I have next to no experience with histmerges and have no clue what the next step is.