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Cyber sex chat logs

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Quote: Anonymous 2 said: You don't treat your body well at all, you seem depressed to me. I never said anything about "morbidly" fat, I just said you're fat.

No apparent extra strength, and being fat would slow you down, so I wonder why you think you'd be so hard to beat in a fight. You're the tough ycber here, so which part of new orleans are you in?

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And if you hate "niggers" so much why do you behave like one? Being bullied by niggers doesn't mean you're going to be a good fighter. Niggers don't usually fight well unless you teach them how.

God you are fucking dense. You just have to be right, don't ya?

Well you aren't. I don't know what makes you think I seem depressed, I suppose you just want to think there is something wrong with me because I have insulted you at some point chaf. Since you have only seen a handful of photos of me, you could say I have no "apparent" extra strength, I wasn't posting photos of myself doing physical labor. Fucking laughable.

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What vyber me think I would be hard to beat is all the times I have been in fights, the times I have whipped ass, the times I have had my ass whipped, and the times where me and the other guy s beat the shit out of each other. I'm not trying to be a tough guy here, but I am a rough and tumble type guy.

I really don't treat my body that much like shit, I drink and do drugs, both habits being played up pretty heavily. I don't drink or do drugs daily, and I don't use tobacco.

I walk alot for excercise, and I just got a bike. I do not invite death. I have actually lost 4 lbs in the past few weeks, and I am stepping up the excercise as well as working on my diet, so after I lost 30 lbs or so, your claims will ALL be baseless, sec.

I hate niggers, and I do not behave like them. You are just grasping at straws.

Keep crying, continue making these ridiculous claims, keep hiding in anon. I will keep hurting the butts by saying what I think. It's good to know that you're losing some fat and that you don't smoke cigarettes, but the drinking is bad, especially the shit you drink.

You also do behave like a nigger, you type in a ghetto way sometimes and even if not serious when its added to the fact that you harass people online like an internet thug, you do behave like a nigger. You've admitted to being an asshole, so you can admit to behaving like a nigger.

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