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Chapter After half a day, the Snake of Shadow did not chase, let Ye You let out a sigh of relief, but did not relax his guard. The person who chay to be Kevin felt very dangerous to Ye You, full of destruction. Although it was only a brief conversation, I could perceive that Kevin is the kind of existence that can sacrifice anything to achieve his goal.

This is a monster, wise, but more terrifying than madness. He must clearly know what he is doing and firmly believe that it is right. What Kevin said of "cooperation" is just a nice one. Cooperation that cannot be refused is coercion and threat.

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Everyone is disgusted. Ye You naturally didn't want to deal with such an existence. The breath released by the other party was very powerful, especially with Xi'er, Ye You had no intention of fighting. But since the other party made a strong appearance in such a posture, the intention was very clear.

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The conversation is just a process, and you will not be allowed to leave in any case-showing this attitude. So Ye You first paralyzed him, taking advantage of the fleeting moment of relaxation, with Xi'er strategically retreating. Fortunately, Kevin did not catch up. Karct, Ye Chah really didn't know if he could handle it. The Quantum Sea is not Ye You's main battlefield, and is eyeing this mysterious and powerful existence again.

Ye You took Xi'er to find the ether anchor point faster, as long as he found the ether anchor point, he could carry out the dimensional transfer.

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But Paqiuli's sentence probably made Ye You drum in his heart. But the etheric anchor point is something that must be found. Even if the dimensional transfer cannot be carried out, it may be the key to leaving the quantum sea. As for which world it will connect to, it is not clear.

Ye You and Xi'er traveled through the chst one by one. They came to an icy and snowy world, the pale sky, covered in silver, and the original wax figure. Step by step, they stepped on the thick snow. Its entity may be a natural structure, or it may be a man-made machine. There are various possibilities. Unexpectedly, Xier looks quiet and quiet on the outside, playing such a furry-style game. Sister Bronya and I will use the Russian carousel to determine ownership.

Although I always lose, Sister Bronya is very good. In the end it will be divided into half. The cold fhat on the snowy kartf seemed to have died down because of his arrival, crawling underground, and the world suddenly fell silent.

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A figure walked out from behind the cedar, wearing a cloak with a black and white background, short hair as pale as snow, and a face as firm as a knife, and he could feel the hardships of the battle. He slowly walked out from behind the cedar, and stood there quietly, giving people a bitter colder than ice and snow.

Kevin's ice-blue karfh stared at Ye You, and his voice was a little emotional, like a question, but also like talking to himself: "The ability you just used was nuclear fusion? Is the outside world progressing to this level? Or is it your personal ability? Humans shouldn't reach this level, the lawmaker? But there is no collapse in you.

Bad breath. Regarding the entanglement, both men and women are very disgusted.

Starting from the nuclear explosion, he now feels that Ye You has the qualifications to talk to him on an equal footing, rather than just being a tool. Why do you think you, a stranger, will help you? Kevin looked at Ye Kaarft silently, admitting his statement in disguise.

Then he continued: "Not anymore. Not much contact, but Ye You can also feel it. He is a paranoid crazy man, and even a lonely warrior. This was an existence that would never lie to himself. Kevin looked at Ye You: "There are three maze-like world bubbles here.

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Solving the puzzles will give you the core of reason. Give it to me and I can take you out. Is it something with huge energy? If you want to leave the quantum sea, you must achieve a positive transition of energy, which requires very powerful energy. He used his last strength to unfold a barrier, and I cannot enter it.

I don't know if Xier and Kevin are in the same world. She rarely mentions things in her own world. Only when she talks about Sister Bronya, she occasionally talks about the outside world. However, Ye You always felt that Kevin was a very dangerous person, and he felt like hcat wanted to release the devil.

Generally, they have a mission and say how and how to set up all human beings. Although it is not bad for the senses, the thing to do may be a big boss, or the final boss. Ye You held an observer attitude towards other worlds most of the time, and would never harm others' worlds.

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Therefore, whether to help Kevin, we need to make a lot of consideration. But he is not interested in investigating. How troublesome, the best way is to avoid it. But looking at Kevin's situation now, there is no way to avoid it.