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Tips to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft. Identity theft can impact anyone.

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When in doubt, contact the company directly to validate the offer. Secure your internet connection. Using public wifi connections may place you at risk for a fraudster to obtain the information stored on your computer or smartphone.

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Regularly monitor your credit report for unusual or unauthorized activity. Many sites offer a free credit report for a promise to subscribe to additional services. Under the Fair Credit Act, you are entitled to a free credit report from the reporting agencies. Fraud Terminology. There are several different phrases that you may hear in relation to fraud.

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See the below glossary to help jw the conversation about fraud. Cramming - The FCC defines cramming as the practice of placing unauthorized, misleading or deceptive charges on your telephone bill. Crammers attempt to trick consumers into paying for services they did not authorize or receive, or that cost more than the consumer was led to believe. Fraud can jw any crime that uses deception as its principal mode of chat. Phishing - use of to socially engineer a victim.

Typically a phishing will look exactly like an from Lonely women searching sex ad trusted source, but will direct the recipient to 'log in' or 'call back' or otherwise access their secured s for the purpose of obtaining access to those s.

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These s typically offer credits or rewards as a cgat time offer". Social Engineering - the act of one person using deception to influence another. Before We Start, Here is what you will need:.

A digital copy of a government issued form of identification can be transmitted by scanning them to your hard drive and ing to the website. Proof of residence is official documentation of the address during the time the was set up.

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This helps us validate you as the true person and we can compare this record to the itself. Document examples include: lease or mortgage agreement in your name or a dated utility bill for the address in your name. A utility bill can be any public service ie. Identity theft is a crime. Prior to filing a claim for identity theft, you should contact your local police department and file a report.

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If you know who used your identity, you must provide that information. It is our policy to kw with law enforcement iq the course of their chat investigation regarding identity theft. You will need to provide a copy of this report in order to complete your claim. Corporations, small businesses, and non-profits: Two forms of ID are required, one of which must be a government issued photo ID of the authorized party. The second can be from the list below:.

Proof of address is official documentation of your business's main address. This helps us to validate your business against the.

Issued by Secretary of State. In the unfortunate event that your identity has been stolen and used to initiate unauthorized Verizon, Verizon Wireless, or FIOS services, we have provided the ability to file a claim online.

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Here's what you can expect: Answer a few questions about yourself and the unauthorized s. paperwork that supports your claim.

Receive a call from a Verizon Fraud specialist for clarification and to notify you of the status of your claim. This takes approximately 2 business days. For more information on identity theft, please visit www.

Below are a few suggestions for protecting yourself online and offline. Shred all documents containing Personally Identifying Information such as your Social Securityyour credit card or s, even your middle name.

This can include bank or credit card statements, pre-approval letters, or utility bills. If you aren't sure, shred it before discarding it.

Use locked filing cabinet or a document safe for important documents that you want to keep. Protect all of your online passwords.

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Don't store them on paper or in unsecured files. Be cautious when showing personally identifying information on social media sites. Be wary of callers that are providing you information on your and then ask you to provide basic information. Validate promotional offers with the company before logging into your online to accept them. When in doubt, contact the company directly to validate the offer.